Brighton Architectural Heritage Committee
Group photo, History Day, July 23, 2000.
Bob and Betty Scott man the cookie table.
Bob Hanna as Paul Smith, Ruth Hoyt as Mary Chase, Suzanne Hanna as Lydia Smith pose in front of the late Samuel V. Hoffman's 1930 Dodge.
Col Hank Snow's photo of Rainbow Lake, taken on May 16, 2000.
The Brighton Architectural Heritage Committee (BAHC) was formed in 1994 after the present coordinators attended a seminar sponsored by Adirondack Architectural Heritage (AARCH) to teach surveying of local historic architecture.

We believe that along with the histories of local families, the old farm buildings, churches, camps and homes in the Town of Brighton make up a special part of our heritage, deserving of appreciation and care. Our purpose specifically was and still is to survey our Town to describe its historic buildings, completing an AARCH survey form for each, and placing these in local libraries. This is being done by volunteer members of our committee.

In addition to gradually surveying the Town's old buildings, this year we have been working on creating an historical record of the Town in the millennium year of 2000 to place in libraries. There will be a limited edition compact disk and a book made with many pictures and text, much of this contributed by the individuals, families, businesses, institutions, and organizations in Town, all of whom have been invited to submit material.

In addition, aerial photos of the whole Town have been made by Col. Hank Snow, as well as panoramic scenes around the Town by professional photographer Mark Kurtz. Fourteen of these will be enlarged and framed along with illustrations of the four churches in Town by Diane Leifheit. These will be hung in various public areas from time to time.

For the last nine years (eight of which we have had Town of Brighton support), we have organized Brighton History Day one Sunday afternoon in the summer at historic Asplin Christmas Tree Farm, a free open house with exhibits about Town history. We encourage all current and former residents to contribute their own pictures and information on this day. We have averaged 80-120 people attending this event. This millennium year we had a larger attendance than ever with almost 200 signing the guest register. Informal snapshots and a group photo were taken to be used in the Brighton Year 2000 Project. Two aerial photos of the Town from the Brighton Year 2000 Project were on display on this Brighton History Day.

The members of the BAHC are:

Joan Wardner Allen (retired librarian and interior designer)
Francis Martin (bus driver)
Ruth Hoyt (retired professor)
Jeanne & Art Robertson (retired professor)
Diane Leifheit (Illustrator)
Mary Ellen Salls (crafts person)
Bob and Tracy Lefler
Betty & Bob Scott (retired)
Kevan Moss (museum designer)
Jeannette & Bob Sheppard (retired)
Mike Quenell (writer/publisher)
Alice Warner (retired)
Pat and Tom Willis (coordinators of BAHC)