Employee Leav

These conditions do not apply to elected officials or part-time employees.
All new employees will serve a 6-month probationary period.
The Anniversary date of beginning employment will be applied to all conditions in this policy.
Requests for any leave time are to be made directly with the Superintendent of Highways or
Supervisor as applicable to position held.

A. End of 1st year employment 2 weeks
End of 5th year employment 3 weeks
End of 1 Oth year employment 4 weeks
Maximum vacation time to be earned shall be 4 weeks
B. Vacation time must be used during the year. It is not accumulative.
C. Vacation schedules will be arranged by the Superintendent of Highways (or Supervisor where
applicable) on a first come, first accommodated basis, with seniority being used to resolve
possible conflicts.

A. One (1) day a month will be granted based on the anniversary date of employment.
B. It may be accumulative to thirty (30) days.
C. On termination of employment, the employee forfeits all accumulated sick leave days without
D. An employee who is in the probationary period will be granted up to five (5) days sick leave
to be used during the first five months of employment. If it is not used it may be
E. When an employee is absent from work because of sickness or disability, the Superintendent
of Highways (or Supervisor where applicable) may require a physician’s certificate.

A. Three (3) days a year will be granted.
B. It may not be accumulated.
C. If a member of the Highway Department is required to work on a regularly scheduled
holiday, they may add the day lost to their personal leave time to be used during the year at
the discretion of the Superintendent of Highways.

Days off can be taken by an employee at his/her discretion from personal leave, sick leave time
or vacation time.

An employee who is required to report for jury duty will be paid his/her regular salary by the

The Town will grant the following paid holidays per year:
New Year’s Day Labor Day
Lincoln’s Day or Election Day
Washington’s Day November Veteran’s Day
Memorial Day Thanksgiving Day
July 4th Christmas Day

After at least five (5) years of employment, upon retirement or in the case of disability retirement,
the employee will be paid one (1) extra pay period. This being done in appreciation for good
service to the Town.

A. When reviewing applications for employment, if all candidates are found to be equal in all
requirements, the consideration will be given to those candidates residing within the Town
of Brighton.
B. Employees required to operate Town-owned vehicles will need to show that:
1. License to operate vehicles is clear of marks.
2. Candidate can be cleared and approved by the Town’s Insurance Carrier.

Enacted June 10, 1982
Ref: April 1982 Minutes