March 10, 2022 Regular Minutes

Meeting was called to order at 7:01pm by Supervisor Peter Shrope at the Brighton Town Hall, 12 County Road 31 (aka Jones Pond Road), Paul Smiths, New York, on Thursday, March 10, 2022, with the following:

PRESENT: Supervisor Peter Shrope
Council Members: Amber McKernan and Steve Tucker
ABSENT: Council members Matthew Szeliga and Lydia Wright
OTHERS PRESENT: Paul Blaine-Code Enforcement Officer, Elaine Sater-Town Clerk and 3 residents

Notice of this meeting was posted on the Town Clerkís Sign Board

HIGHWAY – Superintendent of Highways Andy Crary: Read by Supervisor Peter Shrope
Plowing and sanding roads, took loader to Keese Mills Road to open frozen culverts, Town of Harrietstown helped with frozen culverts, cut and pushed back banks, purchased dump insert and installed on F350 pickup truck, cleaned and greased trucks, cleaned shop, changed cutting edge on loader.

TOWN CLERK – Elaine Sater: Total revenue to Supervisor as of February 28, 2022, was $37.50 from 1 Marriage License (#1-2022) and 1 dog license renewed
February 17 Published notice of Regular Board meetings for the year
February 22 Annual Financial Report Update Document for 2021 was filed in the Clerkís Office; March 1 published in the Adirondack Daily Enterprise and posted notice of filing of Annual Financial Report for 2021.
RECORDS MANAGEMENT: Indexing Vol 12 of Minutes (1981 thru 1984), shredding documents as per the LGS-01 Records Retention and Disposition Schedule
RECORDS ACCESS: Received 2 FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests for records, February 15 received a written request from CSEA dated February 9, for a copy of the Union Contact. Emailed new contract from file received from Supervisor Peter Shrope without signatures. Received an email from New York @Open the requesting a record of all vendor payments during 2021, emailed the monthly abstracts used to pay the vouchers with check numbers included.

HISTORIAN – Elaine Sater: No Report

TAX COLLECTOR – Holly Huber:
Payments received after 2.10.22 but postmarked on or before 1.31.22 totaled $ 277.35, Payments postmarked on or before 2.28.22 totaled $143,619.95 in taxes and $1,604.51 in penalties
Bank interest for February was $10.47 and will be paid to Supervisor Shrope with Februaryís penalty income by 3.15.2022.
Paid out the following: Check #1070 to Peter Shrope in the amount of $148,144.00 for the Warrant, checks #1071 ($9.43), #1072 ($12.26), and #1073 ($33.90) to Taxpayers for refunds of overpayment, checks #1074 ($600,000) and #1075 ($300,000) to Co Treasurer for the Warrant.

TOWN JUSTICE – Nik Santagate: Supervisor Peter Shrope received a check in the amount of $3,147.00 for 26 cases disposed during February.

CODE ENFORCEMENT OFFICER – Paul Blaine: Issued 1 Certificate of Occupancy for Building Permit #20-032.

ASSESSOR – Roseanne Gallagher: Data needs to be collected on Upper St Regis Lake properties; Supervisor Peter Shrope will help her after he gets his boat in the water. Discussion about a reevaluation will take place with the regional representative after data is collected, sometime after May.

SUPERVISOR – Supervisor Peter Shrope
Budget 2022: Received revenue of $200 for a cemetery plot, $3,147 from Town Justice, $37.50 from Town Clerk.
Tax Revenue: transferred $900 to Street Lighting checking from General checking (Ck#2696) and EFTíd $5,254.00 from General checking to Highway checking.
Medical Account: transferred $1,582.61 to HRA from General checking (Ck#2694) and $3,165.22 to HRA from Highway checking (Ck#1783)
NYCLASS investments: Interest from February of $3.32 for General, Total in account $111,202.16 ($20,000 for Town Hall). Interest of $1.24 for Highway, total in account $42,378.69.
Franklin County Economic Development Corporation emailed a notice dated February 24, 2022, that they no longer administer the Destination Development Program, Destination Cooperative Marketing Program and Destination Event Sponsorship Program. These programs are now administered by Franklin County.
Charter Communications: Emailed notices dated February 28 and March 1 and 7, 2022, with up-coming changes to Spectrum Northeast, LLC for cable franchise. Costs of services are increasing.

Regular Board Meeting February 10, 2022
Motion made by Amber McKernan, second by Steve Tucker, to accept the minutes of the Regular Board Meeting of February 10, 2022, as written. Aye 3 (McKernan, Shrope, Tucker,), Nay 0, Absent 2 (Szeliga, Wright)

Jeremy Asmus – Facilities, Paul Smiths College (PSC):
10th Mountain Division is scheduled for Monday, May 2, 2022, to hold a ceremony for Mr. Doyle at St. Johnís in the Wilderness Church on State Route 86; planning for 150 to 200 people. They will bring a helicopter; ceremony will take 1 to 1 Ω hours.
University Games for 2023: PSC plans to house about 548 athletes in the dorms from January 4 to 24, 2023; the contract is not finalized. PSC will start classes on February 18, 2023, for the Spring Semester.
Franklin County Bus Shelter: will put up a shelter at the corner of State Route 86 and 30 across from the College.
Andrew Casscta – Healthy Heart Network is working with Paul Smithís College and Franklin County Department of Public Works to set up the shelter. The structure will be bolted down and have a ìliving roofî and use solar power for lighting.


Town Hall Roof – Supervisor Peter Shrope: The ceiling is showing signs of water damage, funds have been designated to replace the roof. Discussion was held on putting the project out to bid. Champlain Valley Builders was suggested to advertise bids for project.

Tax Warrant Correction – Supervisor Peter Shrope: Contacted Andrea Dumas, Legislature Representative for the Town, she suggested changing Resolution #25-2022, to have the Town Tax Collector send out the corrected bills and issue the refunds. Real Property Tax Services and Attorney for the Town agree with the change.

RESOLUTION #25-2022 (Amended)
Motion made by Supervisor Peter Shrope, second by Steve Tucker,
WHEREAS, the 2022 Tax Warrant has the incorrect General and Highway Tax levy,
RESOLVED that the Town Board requests that the County issues a corrected tax warrant using the correct amount to be raised by taxes (levy), print new tax bills, the Town will then send out new tax bills and issue refund checks to all taxpayers who are entitled to them.
ROLL CALL VOTE: Aye 3 (McKernan, Shrope, Tucker), Nay 0, Absent 2 (Szeliga, Wright)
RESOLUTION #25-2022 declared duly amended.

COMMITTEES: Nothing to report


Motion made by Amber McKernan, second by Steve Tucker,
RESOLVED that the Supervisor be authorized to pay the audited vouchers as listed on the abstracts as follows:
PREPAID FUNDS: Abstract #3 for Voucher #s 3A thru 3D for 2022 GENERAL FUND in the amount of $698.30 and Voucher #3C for 2022 STREET LIGHTING FUNDS in the amount of $95.66
GENERAL FUND: Abstract #3 for Voucher #40 through #53 for 2022 funds in the amount of $33,566.66,
HIGHWAY FUND: Abstract #3 for Voucher #21 through #31 for 2022 funds in the amount of $12,132.13
SPECIAL DISTRICT FIRE FUND: Abstract #2 for Voucher #2 for 2022 funds in the amount of $51,663.26
ROLL CALL VOTE: Aye 3 (McKernan, Shrope, Tucker), Nay 0, Absent 2 (Szeliga, Wright)
RESOLUTION #27-2022 declared duly adopted.

Motion to Adjourn at 8:10pm made by Amber McKernan, second by Steve Tucker; Aye 3 (McKernan, Shrope, Tucker), Nay 0, Absent 2 (Szeliga, Wright)

Respectfully Submitted, Elaine W. Sater, Brighton Town Clerk