April 09, 2020 Regular Meeting

The Regular Meeting for the Town Board of the Town of Brighton, Franklin County, NY, was held Thursday, April 09, 2020, at 7:00pm at the Brighton Town Hall, 12 County Road 31, Paul Smiths, NY, with the following:

Meeting was Called to Order by Supervisor Peter Shrope at 7:01pm


PRESENT: Supervisor Peter Shrope
Council Members: Deputy Supervisor Steve Tucker

ABSENT: Councilmember Amber McKernan, Matthew Szeliga and Lydia Wright
OTHERS PRESENT: Elaine Sater-Town Clerk


Notice of this meeting was posted on the Town Clerk’s Sign Board

Since there was no quorum no business was conducted. These minutes are to reflect that a “State of Emergency” has been called by the Governor of New York (March 7, 2020) and the Franklin County Legislature (March 14, 2020) due to the Corona virus pandemic know as COVID-19. People are required to keep a physical distance of 6 feet away from each other in an attempt to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus. People are asked to wear masks to cover their nose and mouth, as well as wear gloves. The following information was reported.

Supervisor Peter Shrope:

  1. A “stay-at-home” order went into effect in New York State as of Sunday March 22, 2020, at 8 pm.
  2. On Monday March 23 the Highway Department employees were placed on call at home during their regular hours. The Superintendent of Highways will conduct road inspections and will call in employees as needed.
  3. Three Board Members are staying at home and provided email notices that they would not be attending the Board meeting due to the “stay-at-home” order.
  4. The Financial Report for the month of March was provided; Revenue for March was as follows: $2,338 from the Town Justice, $220 from the Town Clerk, and $600 for Cemetery plots. Funds were transferred into the Lifetime card account for Health benefits.
  5. NYCLASS interest was as follows: General $106.88 for a total of $110,958.49 and Highway $40.72 for a total of $42,286.36.

AUDIT OF VOUCHERS: An audit of the vouchers was conducted by the Supervisor and Deputy Supervisor. The following routine vouchers were paid:

PREPAID FUNDS: Abstract #4 for Voucher #s 4A and 4B 2020 General Funds in the amount of $290.67 and STREET LIGHTING 2020 FUND Voucher #4B in the amount of $62.36

GENERAL FUND: Abstract #4 for Voucher #62 through #76 for 2020 funds in the amount of $4,361.10

HIGHWAY FUND: Abstract #4 for Voucher #42 through #51 for 2020 funds in the amount of $4,164.03


Motion to Adjourn at 7:10pm made by Supervisor Peter Shrope, second by Deputy Supervisor Steve Tucker

Respectfully Submitted,
Elaine W. Sater, RMC
Brighton Town Clerk