DRAFT OF Minutes for July 08, 2021

Meeting was called to order at 7:00pm by Supervisor Peter Shrope at the Brighton Town Hall, 12 County Road 31 (aka Jones Pond Road), Paul Smiths, New York, on July 8, 2021
Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag was recited

Present: Supervisor Peter Shrope
Council Members: Amber McKernan, Matthew Szeliga, and Steve Tucker
Absent: Council Member Lydia Wright
Others Present: Paul Blaine-Code Enforcement Officer, Andy Crary-Superintendent of Highways, Elaine Sater-Town Clerk and two residents
Guests: None

HIGHWAY – Superintendent of Highways Andy Crary: Mowed and weed whacked cemeteries, mowed Town Hall, Garage, and Park; raked dirt roads; made a dump run; worked on sander; cleaned Garage; greased and cleaned loader; started mowing roadsides; paved Keese Mills Road; fixed a washout on Garondah Road; donated 2012 John Deere lawn mower to Paul Smiths Gabriels Volunteer Fire Department (Resolution #25-2021), and will have a Rabies Clinic at Garage on Friday, July 9, at 6pm.

TOWN CLERK – Elaine Sater: Total revenue to Supervisor as of June 30, 2021, was $1,347.48 (2 Payments) from 1 Marriage License #1-2021; 3 certified copies of Vital Records; 3 dog licenses: 1 renewed and 2 new (Tag# 253 and 254); and 4 Building Permits (BP#21-023 thru 026)
June 15 – Received letter dated June 8, 2021, from Senator Daniel Stec, Thanking Town for Resolution #26-2021 Support to Rescind NYS Fiber Right-Of-Way Fee.
July 6 – Took Oath of Office for Deputy Superintendent of Highways Chris Reed.
TOWN PARK REQUEST: Saturday, June 26, Fobare Family, 2:30 to 5pm; Saturday, July 3, Woodward Family, 10am to 6 pm
RECORDS MANAGEMENT: Continuing to update records retention codes for Records Index and destruction documentation, shredding/disposing of documentation that has passed it retention period.

HISTORIAN – Elaine Sater: Nothing to Report

TAX COLLECTOR – Holly Huber: Nothing to Report
Audit of the Tax Collector Financial Records is scheduled for September 9, at 6:25pm.

TOWN JUSTICE – Nik Santagate: Supervisor Peter Shrope received a check in the amount of $6,661.00 for 47 cases disposed during June

CODE ENFORCEMENT OFFICER – Paul Blaine: Issued 4 building permits (BP#21-023 thru 026), issued 3 Certificates of Compliance for BPs #18-028, 21-006, and 21-008. Issuing of permits is slowing down; another house is being built; discussed the revised draft local law for Building Code with the Attorney for the Town Scott Goldie.

ASSESSOR/DATA COLLECTOR – Roseanne Gallagher: Nothing to Report

SUPERVISOR – Peter Shrope:
Budget update as of June 30, 2021, was distributed to Town Board; revenue received was $6,661 from the Town Justice and $1,347.48 from the Town Clerk
NYCLASS investment interest received for June as follows: $3.68 for General Fund, Balance is $111,178.37; $1.36 for Highway Fund, Balance is $42,369.80

Regular Board Meeting June 10, 2021
Motion made by Amber McKernan, second by Steve Tucker, to accept the minutes of the Regular Board Meeting of June 10, 2021, with the following corrections: Page 1, Presentation, Franklin County Tourism, Line 10: Change ìCharlesí Innî to ìCharliesí Innî and Page 3, Resolution #30-2021, Line 13, remove ìhasî. Aye 4 (McKernan, Shrope, Szeliga, Tucker), Nay 0, Absent 1 (Wright)

Amber McKernan said there was an alert from NYS DEC concerning an aggressive raccoon on Upper Saint Regis Lake.

AFLAC Insurance – Supervisor Peter Shrope: Asked if any one was interested in obtaining AFLAC insurance, Andy Crary will ask the Highway employees.

PARK ATHLETIC FIELD LEASE with Paul Smithís College – Supervisor Peter Shrope: Received a signed copy of a lease for the athletic fields at the Park from Paul Smithís College. Will get the insurance reinstated to cover the Townís liability.

Motion made by Supervisor Peter Shrope, second by Amber McKernan,
RESOLVED that the Town Board authorizes the Town Supervisor to sign a 5-year lease (1/1/2021 to 12/31/2026) with Paul Smithís College, to lease the Athletic Fields next to the Town Park at no cost.
ROLL CALL VOTE: Aye 4 (McKernan, Shrope, Szeliga, Tucker), Nay 0, Absent 1 (Wright)
RESOLUTION # 35-2021 declared duly adopted.

CANNABIS SALES – Supervisor Peter Shrope: There is training for $125 on-line thru MRTA for the local law if the Town wants to opt out of dispensaries or lounges. NYS Association of Towns has a 12 page guide for what Towns need to know. Matthew Szeliga said there are already dispensaries on the St. Regis Reservation.

Park & Recreation – Supervisor Peter Shrope/Amber McKernan: Amber McKernan said the full garbage receptacles were removed

Jeremy Asmus, Paul Smithís College Facilities, new President Dr. Scott Dalrymple, starts next week; glad to see the lease was signed for the Park Athletic fields.

Motion made by Amber McKernan, second by Steve Tucker,
RESOLVED that the Supervisor be authorized to pay the audited vouchers as listed on the abstracts as follows:
PREPAID FUNDS: Abstract #7 for Voucher #s 7A thru 7C for 2021 GENERAL FUND in the amount of $398.77 and Voucher #7C for 2021 STREET LIGHTING FUNDS in the amount of $57.95
GENERAL FUND: Abstract #7 for Voucher #117 through #128 for 2021 funds in the amount of $3,588.97 HIGHWAY FUND: Abstract #7 for Voucher #59 through #65 for 2021 funds in the amount of $91,104.27
ROLL CALL VOTE: Aye 4 (McKernan, Shrope, Szeliga, Tucker), Nay 0, Absent 1 (Wright)
RESOLUTION #36 declared duly adopted.

Motion to Adjourn at 7:40pm made by Amber McKernan, second by Matthew Szeliga, Aye 4 (McKernan, Shrope, Szeliga, Tucker), Nay 0, Absent 1 (Wright)

Respectfully Submitted, Elaine W. Sater, RMC, Brighton Town Clerk