Brighton Smart Growth Plan

In 2008, the Town of Brighton received an Adirondack Park Community Smart Growth Grant from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation for a sustainable economic development project. The project was designed to investigate solutions for some of the biggest issues facing Brighton residents: re-use of Camp Gabriels, improving energy efficiency, improving telecommunications access, and increasing visibility for Brighton businesses.

The result of this year-long study is the Brighton Smart Growth Plan. The Plan is intended to inform decision-making in the Town of Brighton with respect to economically and environmentally sustainable growth practices. It is not a town governing document, but rather serves as a springboard for future planning efforts in the town. The Plan documents the desires and goals of town residents based on a community survey, and provides information about how to guide growth within the town so that our community and recreational character can be preserved, while creating jobs and small business opportunities for our residents. It also includes a land use build-out analysis and an environmental assessment.

The Town of Brighton is seen by our residents and visitors as a recreation haven and a place to live and work. We need to capitalize on our rich history, ample and unique recreational opportunities, supportive community spirit, community and natural assets, and diverse economic potential to keep our town viable long into the future.

Executive Summary: (PDF 252 Kb)

Final Plan: (PDF 6 megs)

Final Plan without Appendixs: (PDF 1.1 megs)

Below are the individual files as seen in the Final Plan.

Appendix A: Town of Brighton Historical Information and Assets (PDF 90kb)

Appendix B: Brighton Community Survey Results (PDF 153kb)

Appendix C: Land Use Analysis (PDF 607kb)

Appendix D: Environmental Assessment (PDF 4.4 megs)

Appendix E: Brighton Business Directory (PDF 126kb)

Appendix F: Brighton Connections Brochure (PDF 1.9 megs)

Appendix G: Glossary of Planning Terms 84kb

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