October 12, 2023 Special Town Meeting

A Special Meeting of the Town Board of the Town of Brighton, Franklin County, NY, to discuss the Tentative 2024 Budget, was held Thursday, October 12, 2023, at 5:30pm, at the Brighton Town Hall, 12 County Road 31, Paul Smiths, NY, with the following:

Meeting was Called to Order by Supervisor Peter Shrope at 5:30pm

PRESENT: Supervisor Peter Shrope
Council Members: Amber McKernan, Matthew Szeliga, Steve Tucker and Lydia Wright
OTHERS PRESENT: Andy Crary-Superintendent of Highways, Elizabeth DeFonce -Tax Collector, Russell DeFonce -Deputy Tax Collector, and Elaine Sater-Town Clerk
GUESTS: Richard Meagher-Bookkeeper/Budget Officer

Notice of this meeting was posted on the Town Clerk’s Sign Board and distributed to Town mailboxes on October 3, 2023.


Tentative Budget for 2024 – Richard Meagher- Bookkeeper/Budget Officer:
Reviewed the numbers for 2024. Salaries increased by 3%.
General Appropriations: Reduced from 2023 due to Revaluation Project paid over two years.
The following changes to the Tentative Budget were discussed:
Town Clerk Salary (A1410.1) reduced by $5,000 to $13,943 and moved to Deputy Town Clerk Salary
Deputy Town Clerk Salary (A1415.1) increased by $5,000 to $5,300
Buildings Salary (A1620.1) decreased by $309 to $3,807 to reflect 3% increase
Under ìLast Yearís Actuals 2022î Youth Programs Expense (A7310.4) $12,953 moved to Playgrounds/Rec Ctrs. (A7140.4) where is was actually spent.
General Appropriations decreased by $309 from $526,368 to $526,059
General Revenue: Decreased from 2023 to $49,569, interest increase; court revenue decreased
Highway Appropriations: Increased from 2023 to $465,997. Salaries for Highway Employees can be increased by 3% in January 2024 unless the CSEA Union provides a contract. Medical Insurance was decreased from 2023. Capital Improvements and bridge repair are increased.
Highway Revenue: Increased from 2023 to $132,900. Contracts and interest payments increased.
Fire District increased by 3% to $109,620.
Street Lighting remained the same at $900
General Fund Balance of $142,151 will reduce the Amount to be Raised by Taxes to $334,249
Highway Fund Balance of $40,000 will reduce the Amount to be Raised by Taxes to $293,097
Tax Cap is $737,866 for the Total Budget
Change from 2023 is 2.8% which is under the Tax Cap for the Town

Motion to Adjourn at 6:30pm made by Steve Tucker, second by Lydia Wright
Aye 5 (McKernan, Shrope, Szeliga, Tucker, Wright), Nay 0

Respectfully Submitted,
Elaine W. Sater
Brighton Town Clerk